Nikki is a gorgeous phantom merle that we produced from Raven and Gaston.

She lives near us in an amazing guardian home and we hope to see her first litter in early 2021! Stay Tuned!


We are so happy to have Spec as part of the LK family! 

She brings a ray of sunshine to our happy pack.

OFA complete

Genetics complete

Patellas normal

Thyroid/liver normal

Cardiac normal


This beautiful small standard brown Tri poodle has graced us with her angelic demeanor- we cannot wait for her babies to arrive late 2020

Joints- complete

genetics- clear 

patellas- normal

thyroid/liver clear

eyes- clear

Picture coming soon!


Would give you the shirt off her back if she could. 

Always ready for a handle holding session :)


If you're looking for a good shadow, Token will always be nearby. She's a bundle of joy!

OFA done

Genetics complete

Patellas normal

Thyroid/liver normal

Cardiac normal


Paris is a small standard AKC parti poodle that carries phantom.

she is clear on Genetics via paw print

hips/elbows clear/normal

eyes - clear 

patellas - normal 

Paris is Princes sister.

she lives in an amazing guardian home, 

Here in the heart of Oregon.


Raven is the daughter of Prince and Babette.

She is a phantom with creeping tan markings,

 which is  extremely unique.

Raven has quite the spunky personality & she lives in a guardian home local to us.

Clear genetic panel by parentage

hips/elbows - good


Zuri is our Gorgeous Brown Tri AKC small standard Poodle

Genetics clear via Paw print

Joints cleared by specialist c

eyes - clear 

patellas normal 

cardiac clear 

she is smart as a whip! 


Brown phantom standard AKC poodle

she is one of our largest poodle girls

She is completely clear on genetics via paw print  

Hips/elbows - cleared by specialist

cardiac - clear

patellas - normal

eyes - clear

thyroid/liver -normal

kyky atat Spsp bb 


Akc standard brown-based Phantom Parti girl

genetics clear via paw print genetics 

hips/elbows  good OFA

Eyes - Clear

Cleo weighs in at 50 lbs/ 27 inches


Our handsome standard phantom parti poodle boy

PPG panel - Clear

OFA - Good/Normal


thyroid/liver functiom normal



Sable Merle standard Poodle

Clear on his genetic panel from PPG

OFA good/normal

60 lbs


He has a mellow and sweet personality

He is the Romance king and the safety compliance officer when the kids are outside



Moyen Merle Poodle Stud

PPG Panel Complete

Hips/Elbows= Good/Normal



Eyes Clear


Gaston resides with us and he is the CLOWN of the bunch. 

You will often see him trying to kiss on the girls or wrestle with the boys. 


He is a "moyen" meaning medium size
 (non-fading Phantom Parti) poodle 

Paw Print Genetics panel Clear

Pennhip - Excellent 


patellas- normal 



This lovely "gazelle" is most famous for how she bounds through our grass feilds. She has the sweetest temperament.

OFA - good normal 

Genetics panel clear

eyes - clear 

patellas normal

thyrpid liver normal