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Extended Waitlist

Hepnar Family

Stark Family 

S. Wilson

Buetner Family

Alrich Family

Yamamoto Family

Hadland Family

King Family

Whitehouse/Miranda Family

Page Family

Kalemkeris Family

Ely Family

Norton Family

Opdyke Family

Vu Family

Barr Family

Widenbeck Family

Black Family

Venner Family

Geiger Family

Pham Family

Walsh Family


Evans Family

Omura Family

Frazee Family

Thatcher Family

Holgerson Family

Skrianka Family

McNamara Family

Montgomery Family

Buchanan/Goldstein Family

Rothschild Family

Kenly Family

Marshall Family

Velez Family

Cambra Family

Kozacek Family

Goodspeed Family

Fox Family

Gillett Family

Higgins Family

Olaf Family

Akasaki Family


Ross/Ficko Family

Bell Family

Sheerin Family

Bennett/Peria Family

Ferguson/Sievers Family

Cox Family

Rosenhand Family

Ostendorf Family

Binder Family

Bohn Family

Ahem Family

Twyman Family

Chapman Family

Holland Family

Makkar Family

Majit Family

Our current wait time is 6-9 months. Our planned litters with specific parent dogs are disclosed with families that are on our waitlist.