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Facts and Frequently asked Questions


Hey YOU! ….. Yes you! 

Family that has been waiting for their new addition to be born,... we see you! We know your excited! We know you have ants in your pants to be the first to know when they have been born, or want to see photos of your puppy on a semi daily basis. we understand your excitement. 


Please understand that there is 8 to 10 other families that feel the exact same way you do.

That is the reason we have made ALL updates, photo and video sharing  easily accessible on our Instagram-

We have done this so you can see video and photo updates as soon as their updates to be had. 

This makes it not only easy on us but easy on everyone.

It allows for you to see behind the scenes, how our dogs interact, how our dogs are treated, baby growing videos and puppy age updates.

So we ask,....  PLEASE..... be patient and know that the moment we have an exciting announcement it will be available on Instagram instantly.

(you must follow our Instagram to see our daily story line)

                                                          Thank you! 

                                                                   LK Team

P.S.  Please don't Text or Email specifically asking for updates.

Are you Ready?

Below is a Helpful timeline and check list to make sure you are fully prepared for your new family member to come home.

Once you puppy has been Born

Think about if you want to do extended training or if you would like to pick up your puppy or have it delivered. At this time you know that in 9 weeks your puppy is ready to come home and things like booking a flight are less expensive.

At the time your puppy turns about 4 weeks old is a perfect time to start preparing, by making sure you have their food, probiotics, a kennel, and other essentials

**Our LK recommendations list in located on our information page**

that way any thing that needs shipped will arrive in time.

When puppies turn 6 weeks is a perfect time to call your local vet and schedule your puppys first vet visit.

 These three steps make pick up day or delivery go incredibly smooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Deposits or PIF fully refundable or litter transferable?

Our deposits are non-refundable, but litter transferable.

Are we allowed to come visit to choose our puppy in person?

Not at this time. We have "puppy pick up" at our Director of Training's home in Creswell, OR. We do this so we try and limit disease/risk to puppies as much as we possibly can.

We do a lot of facetime and Instagram to show families our puppies temperaments to help guide them in the picking process.

What do puppies come with?

Puppies go home with;

- a binder of their Veterinary records, and helpful reading material.

-puppies leave appropriately vaccinated (never lepto)



-one dose of REVOLUTION (administered)

-leather collar

- bully stick

- few sample baggies of NUTRISOURCE LARGE BREED PUPPY

-3 days of Nuvet wafers

- blanket

- toy