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We passionately raise Bernedoodles & Bernese Mountain Dogs

  Striving for health, life longevity, mellowness, and Intelligence

 It is just a bonus that they are absolutely Gorgeous too!

F1 - F1B generations 

Please email us with any questions

Hello LK Families and potential LK Families!

After hours of research and discussion with other like-minded breeders and our staff, we have made the decision to change the way we maintain our litter waitlists. It has become a huge time and energy investment, the current way we organize our system. So, to better improve our program, time allocations, and the way we serve our families, we are moving to a general waitlist organized by size and generation that families are seeking.

We will no longer be doing litter by litter lists as it has become troublesome keeping "rolling over" fair.

Our wait time for taking home a puppy will still be the same as before.

We understand this is a big change and we appreciate your understanding, patience, support, and flexibility.

For our families that are currently on our litter lists, DO NOT PANIC...this offers you a bit more flexibility towards what you are seeking.

Our procedures will go as follows:

1. A family inquires via our submission form located on our website- AFTER THOROUGHLY READING THROUGH OUR WEBSITE.

Including our informational page, pricing page, then our contract. In your submission, you MUST INCLUDE information about your home environment, daily schedule, how much research you have done on this cross/breed, and especially their grooming needs. As well as, children and other pets in your home, what you plan to do with your potential new family member while you are away from your home.

2. Phone interview with Kate

3. Submit your contract to our email.

Fill out the top personal information completely and legibly knowing this is the information we will use to register your puppy's microchip number to.

Then fill out the information regarding generation, size and gender preferred.

Sign all areas except the very last spot that goes over you having picked up your puppy in person.

Scan the contract to our email [email protected]

4. Place EITHER a reservation fee or a PIF (paid in full). The $500 reservation fee is NON-refundable to be added to our waitlist. Period. It will be put towards the balance of your puppy.

If a reservation fee is placed, the balance is due when you choose your puppy.

Information regarding how to pay will be supplied during the phone interview.

We do not accept PayPal or Venmo. WE DO ACCEPT Zelle, Apple Pay, Cash App, or Square which charges a 3% fee.

Please see the pricing page for differences between a reservation and a PIF (with a discount).

Placing a PIF doesn't move you ahead of people on our waitlist nor does it give you any priority over other families.

5. THE HARDEST PART...WAITING...and watching for updates.

We will notify YOU when it's YOUR turn for choosing your puppy. We understand a family's excitement for their potential new family member, so as soon as there are updates to be had, we will send our announcements via email and posts on our Instagram, Facebook, and website.

The LK team will go through our waitlist when puppies are available of a certain size and generation to the families on that same size and generation waitlist.

Rollovers must occur prior to a litter being born if a family chooses to do so or if we post an announcement that there is availability earlier.

We will post birth announcements to our announcements page on our website within 24 hours of birth. To view instant photos and videos you MUST follow our Instagram.

Moving forward we will be taking Sundays off completely to enjoy our families and give ourselves a bit of a break.

We thank you so much for enjoying our journey ad watching us in our day to day adventures and our pups!


"When I look into the eyes of my     dog, I don't see just a dog,

            I see a living being,

            I see a friend,

            I see a soul."


               LK Bernedoodles - Kate

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F1 Bernedoodle Vs F1B Bernedoodle

An F1 Bernedoodle is a first generation cross between a standard Poodle and a Bernese. Even though this generation can be prone to shedding, it is usually low to non shed.

F1B Bernedoodles are a first generation bernedoodle bred back to a poodle

 (meaning they are "75%" poodle and "25%" Bernese)

This is the generation for allergy suffers as their coat tends to be a bit more wavy & more of a lighter sized Bernedoodle.

We never call our Doodles  "Hypoallergenic" because people can be allergic to a number of different factors about the dog besides dander -i.e. Saliva 

We are happy to help allergy suffers with the appropriate puppy match.

Our standards averagely weigh 50-70 lbs and 27 inches in height.

Our mediums weigh averagely 35-45 lbs and 21 inches in height.

We do not breed anything smaller as to not jeopardize the health of the dog.

                     Bernese Mountain Dogs

Our Bernese mountain dog program is focused on providing the highest quality Bernese mountain dog with a focus towards life longevity, health, and a sweet confident disposition. We directly import most of our dogs from all over Europe in hopes to continue the traditional rustic and boxy structure. Our Bernese are pampered members of our family.

                    We only have a couple litters a year.

Our Puppies

Our puppies are raised in our home using Puppy Culture methods, so they are sent home confident, Mellow, and started on proper Manners. 


 We post to our Instagram almost daily and take multiple professional photoshoots of our puppies for our families. We LOVE to do them and we find it's a little something extra for families to get excited for while waiting for their new family member gets to come home.


We are the premiere Bernedoodle breeder in the Pacific Northwest

Located in Eugene, Oregon